Manufacturer: Garrett

M47D20 | 110kw / 150hp Turbocharger
BMW 320d (E46)

Product.Nr.: 731877-5009S

Manufacturer: Garrett

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  • weight 6.20 kg

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product description

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GT1749VK | 731877-5009S

Original Garrett GT1749VK turbocharger (731877-5009S) incl. eletronical actuator and studs for following vehicles and part numbers:

VehicleMotorProduction timeEngine codePower output
BMW 320d (E46)
exhaust emission standard Euro 4 (D4)
2.0 D09/2001 - 02/2005M47 D20 (204D4)110kw / 150hp
BMW 320td Compact (E46)
exhaust emission standard Euro 4 (D4)
2.0 D09/2001 - 02/2005M47 D20 (204D4)110kw / 150hp
BMW 320Cd Coupe (E46)
exhaust emission standard Euro 4 (D4)
2.0 D11/2003 - 07/2006M47 D20 (204D4)110kw / 150hp
BMW 320Cd Cabriolet (E46)
exhaust emission standard Euro 4 (D4)
2.0 D02/2005 - 12/2007M47 D20 (204D4)110kw / 150hp
BMW 320d Touring (E46)
exhaust emission standard Euro 4 (D4)
2.0 D09/2001 - 02/2005M47 D20 (204D4)110kw / 150hp

Turbo ok Latest, improved version!
No adjustments required to the vehicle.
The turbocharger replaces 1:1 the old, broken turbo.
Turbo ok Manufacturer: Garrett
Condition:       brand new
Deposit:         No extra deposit!

Learn more about the advantages of genuine parts and possible damages to the vehicle by knock-off products.

Why genuine

Which original part numbers
belong to this model?
This version replaces
following previous models:

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With us you have the 100% guarantee:

- 100% brand new
(No old overhauled or repaired turbos!)

- 100% genuine parts
(No cheap Chinese knock-off turbos - but only genuine Garrett, Borg Warner (KKK) Holset or IHI parts!)

- 100% professional
(We will advise you to all turbocharger issues.
With your original part number or the vehicle data (VIN) we will find the suitable turbocharger for your application from more than 1,000 different variants.)

Also, we apply no additional deposits for returning the old part!

11657790994, 731877-5010S, 11657790992, 731877-10, 7790994, 731877-9, 7790992, 731877-7, 731877-6, 731877-4, 731877-3, 731877-1